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Alter Space, San Francisco
October 2013

IRL was an exhibition I organized in 2013 inspired by mixed feelings. The artists collected in this exhibition turned to the haptic, to craft, to outmoded media and tedious modes of production to both capture (and express the futility of the attempt to capture) ineffable feelings and poetic longings.


The internet is very good at forming this instant nostalgia: a moment in time that has passed but that you're kind of in and out of. That sort of instant nostalgia maybe makes things more bittersweet. You notice the passing of time in a different way than if you weren't reflecting on things so suddenly, simultaneously experiencing time and experiencing it passing, and kind of trying to encapsulate it. I think all these artists are working with that slipperiness of time and truth.



Christine Elfman
Jennie Lennick
Kate Nartker
Maria Porges
Vanesa Gingold
IRL (with one eye laughing and one eye weeping)
Flower Mobiles: Flower (future pasts), Flower (we can’t escape our insides), Flower (a ghost, a shadow)
Knot Sculpture, 1
Knot Sculpture, 2
Knot Sculpture, 3
Knot Sculpture, 4
Knot Sculpture, 5
the traces we leave, 1
the traces we leave, 2
the traces we leave, 3
Time Out