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Tying Loose Ends
Napa Gallery, CSU Channel Islands
Camarillo, CA
September 2016

"Tying Loose Ends" was a two-person exhibition with George Sanders which celebrated our experimental approaches to art making - in which the bridge between our ideas and their physical manifestations is complicated by a devotion to materials and processes - to the discoveries that can only be made when you don’t quite know where you’re going.


In all these works the body and self are permeable and constantly under construction, always shifting, always becoming. Like a knotted string, or a rubber band around the wrist, there is a searching to imbue a kind of tactile memory, something felt but only half-told.
Tying Loose Ends

Mobile (glassy yellow eyes)

handmade paper, wood, resin
Knot (matsutake)

custom printed organza, acrylic, reed
Knot (pink locket)

handmade paper, reed, copper chain

reed, chain
A Delicate Trap

ink on paper in artist's frame
Movable Parts

ink on paper, artist's frame